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The Memphis Metropolitan Planning Organization is responsible for the transportation policy development, planning, and programming for the counties of Shelby and Fayette, Tennessee, and DeSoto and Marshall Counties, Mississippi.  The MPO uses federal regulations to develop short- and long-term transportation plans that meet community objectives.  It uses a multi-modal planning approach to ensure a vibrant and growing system of roads, rail, transit systems, pedestrian/bicycle trails, airports and waterways.

Pique PR first collaborated with Memphis MPO on public and stakeholder engagement for the Walk & Roll: Memphis Region Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan.  Pique provided ongoing communications support by developing content for the project website, MPO's social media platforms, and other online outlets.  Our team assisted with the promotion and facilitation of in-person activities to collect community input on plan development and, when in-person events were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, helped MPO transition to virtual outreach opportunities.

Pique is currently working with the MPO to inspire and motivate public participation in the 2050 regional transportation planning process.  The 2050 RTP will be the defining vision for the region’s transportation systems, and Pique PR will help to ensure its success by supporting community engagement efforts and building public understanding and trust for the plan’s vision and implementation.

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