Pique PR is a public relations firm based in Memphis, TN that offers professional services in communications & marketing, media relations, and public/community engagement. We deliver creative, effective solutions to help our clients pique the interest of various audiences; enhance media exposure; and build broad-based public support for programs, events, and services.


We take pride in supporting non-profit, corporate, and small business leaders who share our company’s commitment to positively impact the community in which we live, work, and play. Pique PR specializes in developing and implementing high-impact strategies and campaigns to amplify awareness for initiatives related to community & government affairs, education & youth development, and building strong, sustainable neighborhoods and cities.


Supporting clients with a shared purpose – We all have our own abilities to make the world a better place, and our team is dedicated to utilizing our unique skills to place the spotlight on positive work being done to improve our communities.  Pique PR intentionally works primarily with non-profit organizations and companies that exist to be of service to others.  We also offer our professional services to individuals, small businesses, and corporations committed to making a difference.


No one-size fits all policy – All of our clients have unique needs. We exceed expectations by tailoring our service offerings to address immediate   challenges and provide effective solutions. Every project that we support receives the same amount of attention to detail to develop, execute and manage a PR and/or marketing plan that is right on target, right on budget, and right on time for each client.


No challenge that we can’t manage –  With Pique, there’s no such thing as a project that’s too big or too small. From developing grassroots neighborhood outreach strategies to managing multi-media campaigns, our team offers a broad skill-set and is equipped to handle every aspect of building a positive reputation for your company or organization. 


Under-promise and over-deliver – At Pique, we take our commitment to build top-of-mind awareness for each client seriously, and we are mindful that earned media and public support is never guaranteed. We know that enhancing media exposure and engaging communities are ongoing     processes that require keen focus, perseverance, and a proactive approach. Pique gives our clients peace of mind in knowing that we are well equipped to manage the continuous work required to produce substantial results.




Pique is unique not only in our agency focus, but also in our approach to PR. We understand that building and maintaining a solid and positive reputation for your company entails much more than crafting a well- written press release, or securing a one-time story placement. Quality PR and marketing/advertising programs are not traditional. Effective campaigns should produce consistent results, and can involve everything from publicity management to special event planning and execution. Pique adds value in helping clients determine the best path to take to position for long-term success.